Month: August 2021

But these disparities are as diverse as people of color themselves, who differ appreciably in how they arrived to the United States, how they are treated by American society and what political priorities they hold.

Incorporate these 10 tips into your next mobile survey to best optimize your market research. 1.Remember the reality of the real estate. The mobile phone screen offers just 5% of the PC’s available real estate.   2. Design for both portrait (vertical) and landscape (horizontal) view. Your respondents will choose their preferred view so the questionnaire must work in both…

As travel continues to increase and the more contagious Delta variant starts to dominate transmission, it is critical to promote how to gather in a low-risk manner (e.g., minimize other non-essential activities) to mitigate the need for nationwide shelter-at-home orders.

After 15-20 minutes, research participants become fatigued and quality diminishes. Questionnaire length can be reduced either by reducing the actual length or the perceived length. Dynata research conducted over the past decade across multiple cultures and countries shows that respondent attention diminishes after about 20 minutes of answering questions in a research questionnaire. Our research…

We know from research conducted by Dynata for our book Belonging, that people who have been diagnosed with mental illness at work are subject to bias, harassment and inappropriate behaviour to a greater extent than the workforce in general.

Data shows that almost 70% of surveyed businesses have improved financials, compared to this time last year2, and 84% are comfortable with their cash flow despite the continuing impact of the pandemic.

Last year, for example, Google Search’s #TheMostSearched campaign celebrated Black History Month. Given that the creative was relevant for Black audiences, it was a natural fit for media moments known to have a large Black viewership, including the NAACP Image Awards hosted on BET, the NBA All-Star Game and the Grammy Awards. Beyond generating positive…

A nationally representative survey has found that a clear majority of Australians want greater certainty about the longevity of common household products and stronger rights when it comes to repairing them.

A recent Fridays survey found that 64 percent of Americans’ travel plans got canceled in 2020 and 47 percent agree that they missed trying new food/restaurants when traveling abroad.

U.S. consumers are ready to spend, making purchases in new categories and from brands that respect their data and will continue to shop online even as COVID-19 restrictions ease