Month: March 2022

Over half of female investors (51%) said they feel confident that they are making the right decisions for their portfolios up 6 percentage points from Q1 2021.

In a comprehensive new study, Ramsey Solutions SmartDollar went directly to employees to discover the source of stress, burnout and overwhelming anxiety plaguing workers and fueling The Great Resignation

While the world has gone into a craze around Bitcoin and other popular digital coins, millions of soon-to-retire Americans are looking to see whether the highly volatile market of crypto can perhaps give them the financial boost they might need. From digital wallets being hacked to companies going bankrupt and losing millions of Bitcoins, and…

Gender inequality – In the fight against Climate Change, Conflict and COVID… we need allies.

Covid-19 intensified the US substitute teacher shortage with parents, police and the national guard roped in to fill the gap On a frigid late December morning in the throes of the Omicron surge, I flicked off my alarm and peeked out the window: pitch black. By late fall, schools were so desperate for warm bodies…

At their core, winning insurgent brands disrupt by offering superior products and experiences that fulfill a true consumer need, often with a strong founder-led story. To understand what underpins a consumers perception of value, we test brands across 30 fundamental Elements of Value, from lower to higher order benefits, that fall into four categories: functional,…

These findings are contained in a new research report from the National Institute on Retirement Security (NIRS), Americans’ Views of Public School Teachers and Personnel in the Wake of COVID-19.

In an effort to better understand how todays consumers are approaching ways to support Black-owned businesses in recognition of Black History Month, leading market research tool, Dynata, conducted a survey of 1,000 Americans (ages 18-65+) on behalf of ActiveCampaign, from January 26 28, 2021.

The Times, with the survey company Dynata, asked 148,400 parents nationwide how many days their school-aged children were home in January, when disruptions were at their peak because of the Omicron surge, winter weather and other reasons.