All solutions are fueled by Dynata global first-party data. We are uniquely able to drive powerful insights with our wide range of global audiences, hard-to-reach professionals, optimized recruitment methods, advanced profiling techniques, real-time reporting, data visualization tools, and more.

Dynata has solutions that range from quick and agile DIY to those addressing more complex data and research needs, including:

Advertising Measurement and Effectiveness

Reach precisely the right audiences and understand the true impact of your advertising campaigns. Our ADimension® Campaign Effectiveness and Cross Media solution, as well as our capabilities in audience validation and verification, can help you realize better ROI and optimized marketing decisions.

Audiences and Global Panel Data

With over 60 million people reached globally in more than 45 countries, Dynata can help optimize your research results with quality data for B2C, B2B and hard-to-reach specialty audiences, including healthcare. We acquire and actively manage panelists to give you access to one of the world’s largest and most diversely represented global data assets, including 2,700+ profile attributes.

Automated Research/DIY

Access the industry’s largest, quality panel data along with the control, speed and flexibility you need to conduct research and obtain insights at the speed of business. We give you the power of automation combined with reliable data as well as reporting and visualization for extracting insights in minutes, not days or weeks.


With the largest interviewing team in the industry, our CATI services let you reach B2C, B2B and hard-to-reach individuals. In addition, you can supplement telephone interviews with online and mobile research to ensure reliable, representative sampling and faster turnaround on completed research.

Integrated Data

Gain more insights by connecting your data with our actively managed, permissioned panel data or integrate your survey results with data from our host of third-party partners in areas such as metered data, digital segments, and financial data. Our first-party data provides a touchstone for accuracy so you can realize better quality insights – as well as new insights — for a comprehensive, reliable view of your customers, prospects and competitors.


Use our platform to seamlessly, conveniently and quickly access our high-quality data, directly. An alternative to using our research services experts, Dynata’s programmatic platform is designed to evolve with your technology, streamline processes and automate research sample delivery to increase efficiency, minimize lead time and scale operations.

Research Services

Support, extend and optimize your research capabilities with our team of highly experienced experts. Whether you need assistance with trackers, survey creation and programming, data processing, or other research- and data-related challenges, we can give you the benefit of our global experience across a variety of industries for the best outcomes.