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The power of first-party data

High-quality data is the cornerstone of business intelligence that drives accurate insights for smarter decision-making.

Innovation, opportunity and growth all start with uncovering accurate insights. Those insights come from real people, engaged and ready to respond, delivering data you can trust to inform better decision-making.

Dynata is the world’s largest first-party data company, with a global reach of nearly 70 million consumers and business professionals, fully permissioned with billions of verified data points. In a post-cookie world, first-party data has never been more critical to ensure you can maintain the holistic understanding of your customers and their preferences, wants & needs.

Dynata has the industry’s highest-quality data, delivering the right mix of consumers, business professionals and hard-to-reach audiences. They are vetted and verified – real people with real opinions – available and accessible for your research needs. This is the foundation of the Dynata Platform, a full suite of services for insights, activation and measurement across the entire marketing journey.

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  • 70 MILLION consumers & business professionals

  • 4 BILLION insights uncovered annually

  • 100+MILLION survey completes annually

  • 6000 customers in all major industries


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​ Connect our data with your own and other sources, revealing the holistic picture of your customer and your market.

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