Introducing Dynata, formerly Research Now SSI

More Data.
More Insights.
More Results.
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Quality Data. Delivered.

To make the confident decisions that propel your business to the next level, you need quality insights that depend on quality data. Dynata provides accurate, reliable data from one of the world’s largest collections of permissioned first-party data. We bring the authentic voice of consumers and business professionals to global agencies, corporations, consultancies, investment firms—to all organizations looking to leverage state-of-the-art, data-driven marketing.

Redefining Expectations.

Actively managed, our data from engaged, opted-in individuals improves the quality of your marketing, from research to insights to activation. Connected to a variety of specialty data sets, our data delivers advantages such as precise audience selection, reliable conclusions, and superior research feasibility. Insights based on our data ensure that the actions you take and the investments you make are laser-focused to drive business results and optimize ROI.

Global Leader

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    Customers in 94 countries across all major industries

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    People reached and 2,700+ profile attributes across B2C, B2B, and specialty audiences

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    Unparalleled breadth and depth of data

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    Research surveys completed in 2018

Get Closer to Your Customers

From new product research to more effective advertising, the missing link is detailed data from verified, real people. Dynata leverages and combines data from a variety of sources anchored by first-party information to give you a complete picture of your customers and prospects. Our data’s robust depth and breadth can help you understand even the most difficult-to-reach specialty market.

Data-Driven Solutions

We deliver a range of solutions based on trustworthy first-party, opted-in data, including measuring advertising effectiveness, audience validation, connecting data sets, DIY survey capabilities, and more.