Quali-Quant AI

Replicate natural human conversations to uncover deeper insight from open-end survey questions

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Quali-Quant AI extracts richer, more thoughtful feedback from survey respondents

Combine the power of qualitative and quantitative data at the scale of online survey research for greater depth, breadth and speed without compromising quality.  Using Dynata’s innovative GenAI-powered open-end survey questions your respondents will.

  • Engage more deeply and more naturally
  • Share more thoughtful, considered feedback
  • Reveal the “why” behind their behavior and attitudes


respondent engagement with interviews +5% longer


increase in word count vs. traditional open-end questions reflecting more considered responses


more likely to explain behavior leading to more actionable recommendations

Benefits of Dynata's Quali-Quant AI


Powered by Dynata’s holistic and comprehensive quality program including QualityScore – our award-winning AI-driven in-survey quality solution.

Ease of Use

Integrates seamlessly with Dynata’s quality audience data and expert research operations.  Fully integrated with Decipher and Cmix with more survey platform integrations on the way.

Delivery Speed

Real-time access to open-end question and answer data files.  Human-validated auto-translations available in <24 hours.  Theme and frequency auto-coded tables available in <48 hours.

Cost Effective

A fraction of the cost of collecting respondent feedback via video and audio methods. Priced per AI probe. Volume discounts available  Auto-translations and thematic coding priced separately.   

Global Reach

Available in all markets, including: The Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific.


28 languages supported.

The Expertise Powering
Quali-Quant AI

Dynata’s Quali-Quant AI product is powered by the integration of Nexxt Intelligence’s inca (‘inquisitive natural conversation agent’) SmartProbe API into Dynata’s audience data and research operations product and services suite.

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