Transform insights into audiences at scale

Activate highly targeted campaigns

Improve advertising efficiency and performance

Dynata bridges the gap between audience insights, campaign activation and better marketing ROI. Brands, marketing agencies and media providers can now leverage market research data for audience creation and campaign activation frictionlessly.

Our unique Connected Data solutions power custom audience creation delivered
with unparalleled speed and accuracy for targeting precision.

Activate Audiences Built from Custom Market Research Data

Better audience targeting starts with better data. In a matter of hours, Dynata transforms your mission-critical market research insights into people-based, custom audiences for more effective campaign activation.

  • Transform audience insights into people-based, cookie-free audiences
  • Activate campaigns with accurate and robust targeting
  • Improve advertising results by reducing waste and driving higher conversion

Delivered with Full Model Performance Transparency

Know exactly how your audience model performs, who’s in the audience and why. Dynata combines its proprietary data science capabilities and advanced predictive analytics with innovative software engineering and solutions to deliver independently verified, high-quality audiences at scale with full model performance transparency.

  • Scale an audience from a seed of 300 to tens of millions
  • Access reporting of all statistical model performance metrics
  • Improve audience targeting with high-quality, accurate data, certified by Neutronian

Access the Power of Market Research Data on Demand

For brands without in-market research projects or that need cost effective yet unique audience segments, Dynata’s syndicated audiences provide the precision you need to achieve better advertising outcomes, cost-effectively.

Dynata uses proprietary research from our own custom survey data to create 1,200 high-quality audience segments that can be activated quickly to meet the most demanding of campaign timelines.

  • Enable frictionless activation of rich, insight-driven audiences
  • Leverage Dynata’s audience modeling, scaling and distribution expertise
  • Access new budgets and generate incremental revenue

Connected Data Powers Advanced Custom Audience Activation

Dynata’s Connected Data solutions can bring your CRM data together with your survey response data to elevate your audience creation and activation to the most advanced customized targeting.

By frictionlessly combining your CRM data and first-party insights from market research, creative testing and brand tracking data, you can discover and target new, high-value audience segments in your marketing campaigns for maximum enterprise impact.

  • Enrich CRM data with survey response data to inform targeting strategies
  • Transform proprietary insights into custom audiences for activation
  • Extend the value of CRM and market research enterprise-wide

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