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In an article published by The Chronicle, Let Them Be Kids is calling for the Australian government to raise the age limit at which children can access social media. It highlights support from parents and experts for their campaign, as well as the findings of a recent survey powered by Dynata. Polling 3,000 social media users in Australia,…

An article on Journal L’Union recently featured results from the 2024 SoWine/Dynata Barometer — a study released by the SoWine agency and powered by Dynata. Specifically the study found that after wine (60%) and beer (58%), champagne is now the third most popular drink among French consumers.

A new survey from HungerRush™ — powered by Dynata and published in Yahoo Finance — reveals that 81% of consumers would rather change their mealtime or skip dining out than pay surge or dynamic price increases.

A recent survey from Bazaarvoice — powered by Dynata and published by Yahoo Life — found insights on the attitudes towards private label brands in the U.S. Surveying 1,000 U.S. adult consumers, the survey highlighted that 36% of respondents said they actively seek private label brands because they offer good value. Additionally, 43% reported sometimes buying private label products if they are…

An article from Yahoo Finance featured Discover‘s new commercial titled “Robots” and referenced data from a survey powered by Dynata. Specifically, the survey found that 95% of Americans prefer engaging with a live customer service agent instead of a customer service bot.

How consumer behaviors are shifting and why businesses must take note.

The tsunami of troubling news surrounding the state of the global economy reflects the struggles of many consumers, who face myriad waves of financial obstacles.

Vericast wanted to know what customers are thinking, so we worked with research company Dynata to survey consumers for insight into how they feel and think about banking and finance, including:

Both parents and children worry about online privacy and security, but they have varying views over what to do about it, according to a study from 1Password and Malwarebytes.

Key findings underscored the challenges of today’s consent culture: 73% of Gen Z wish their parents would ask permission before posting pics of them online, while only 34% of parents actually do so – and 39% feel they don’t need permission.