May 2022 - Dynata

Month: May 2022

The index measures a few different elements of each company: commitments to a purpose beyond profit, to improving lives, and to creating a better society and world, not just for shareholders. Toms’s placement on this list is something of a surprise, given that its visionary founder, Blake Mycoskie, lost control of the business and was…

Sales rose 8 percent last year (as noted in the article) — a striking gain in a highly competitive commodity category like soap. This Harvard Business Review article, “Put Purpose at the Core of Your Strategy,” provides three additional examples of purpose-driven transformation inside large companies with multiple products. These days, many large companies are…

DoorDash launches its second annual Restaurant Online Ordering Trends Report to give merchants a look at what the local neighborhood is ordering up

The world’s first empirical study of purpose-driven brands, called the Purpose Power Index, provides further evidence. The index will be launched today, May 24, during the Purpose Power Summit, revealing the U.S. companies that are winners and laggards. Furthermore, Inc. magazine, StrawberryFrog, and Dynata’s Purpose Power Summit covers a long list of CEOs who speak…

While most travelers are itching to travel after years of restrictions, 54 percent of travelers have yet to book their 2022 trips.

Digital transformation, inflation and shipping timelines shown to have significant impact on purchasing decisions and brand loyalty

This large-scale qualitative and quantitative research surveyed 27,043 people across multiple age ranges, including 14,160 between the ages of 15 and 30, across 26 countries.

When asked about benefits businesses are increasing to improve employee satisfaction and wellbeing, employers identified disability insurance (short or long term), vacation time, and mental health and well-being programs as the top three.