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A new poll asks registered voters about a number of topics, including if they approve of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and his border policies and …

New poll in Texas governor’s race shows Abbott is leading O’Rourke by 7 percentage points.

School Is Back in Person, but the Five-Day School Week Often Isn’t. We asked 148,000 parents how many days of school their children missed

The survey, powered by Dynata, showed that young people no longer believe many of the things that have hindered women seeking leadership before. But asked if they were interested in running for office, six in 10 white boys said yes versus 44% of white girls.

CNBC’s Meg Tirrell explains a nationwide survey to determine Covid vaccine brand preference, despite advice from officials to get whichever vaccine you can find first.

CNBC’s Meg Tirrell reports on vaccine booster shots.

The patterns from hundreds of thousands of survey respondents reflect partisanship, peer pressure and the footprint of the coronavirus itself.

To help supply the world with the data it needs to successfully fight the disease, Dynata, the world’s largest first-party survey platform, reaching over 60 million individuals globally, has taken the initiative to gather data by asking people visiting their survey platform a simple question: “Are you or anyone in your household experiencing symptoms associated…

Multivariable logistic regressions were used to assess individual health behaviour change attempts over time, adjusted for age, sex, ethnicity, employment and education. Most behaviour change attempts were more common among women, younger adults and minority ethnic group participants. CONCLUSION: A substantial proportion of participants reported attempts to change health behaviours in the initial survey phase.

Alanna Atkinson, who founded A Few Scoops after the pandemic and has a young daughter Adeline (pictured), feels playing a team sport inspired her to become an entrepreneur. While progress is being made, we do have a duty to carve the way for future generations and help level the playing field so that more girls…