Enable complex political research methods using rich media with precise voter segments for better campaigns

Leverage the nation’s largest, most accurate and comprehensive online voter-matched panel to create better models or to influence decision making. Dynata’s online third-party voter data partnerships enable political research at the national, state, district, and local level.

Pollsters, PACs, public opinion groups, and nonprofits now have access to important voter behavior and modeled variables to conduct political polling of panel members across all modes – computer assisted telephone interviewing (CATI) and online.

Use your preferred voter data partner for online, multi-mode, or phone-only research to:

  • Create more effective campaign and advertising strategies for your target constituency
  • Enhanced voter research using complex message testing (audio, video, images)
  • Use complex research methods such as Conjoint and MaxDiff
  • Survey across modes (phone and online) from the same sample frame