Finding out where need and ability intersect

Dynata’s SamplePlus® Financial data links your survey data to your audience’s credit health, wealth indicators, and investment profiles. Discover more about your verticals by understanding the intersection between their desire to invest or pay, which can be understood through survey data, and their ability to invest or pay, as seen through the lens of connected data.

Credit Health Profiles: FCRA-friendly credit scores

Wealth Indicators: Home value, income, vehicle make/model, mortgage

Investment Profiles: Investable assets, investment products, investment channels

SamplePlus Financial data provides deeper insights to:

  • Better understand your market’s financial profile
  • Better target and market to your customer based on their credit profile
  • Enhance traditional Pricing and Financial product research
  • Know who your actual customers are and learn about those who aspire to become your customers
  • Fine-tune marketing messaging by customer segment