Use Digital Behavioral Research to Uncover Consumers’ Path to Purchase

SamplePlus® Meter combines digital behavioral research (consumers’ online, app and search behavior) with our high-quality, opted-in panel data to help you identify specific audiences and understand customer touchpoints along the path to purchase.

Our actively managed data encompasses millions of people globally with thousands of profile attributes collected directly from individuals. Combined with activities such as search terms, app usage, and website visits collected from a variety of devices, SamplePlus Meter provides more reliable data for precise audience selection and near-real-time feedback on where and how consumers search.


  • Precise audience selection
  • Reliable, high-quality global digital behavioral data
  • Superior feasibility
  • A more complete view and understanding of individuals and their interests, behaviors, and demographics
  • The industry’s largest first-party dataset of its kind that encompasses 60 million people globally

SamplePlus Meter provides precise audience selection and near-real-time feedback. This innovative permission-based solution collects unique global digital behavior data including:

  • Web and app usage such as social media and commerce sites
  • Search terms such as “restaurants near me” or “cold remedies”
  • In-app media from media service providers
  • Amazon e-commerce funnel activity including path to purchase