The New Experience Economy

The tsunami of troubling news surrounding the state of the global economy reflects the struggles of many consumers, who face myriad waves of financial obstacles.

People are pessimistic about economic conditions around the world — and perception matters. Almost half believe we’re in a recession — regardless of official determinations or economists’ assessments — and a majority say their national leaders aren’t doing enough to fight rising costs. 

But how are consumers adapting to, and preparing for, an uncertain future?

We explore the opinions and attitudes of 11,000 people from across the world to reveal key trends behind shifting consumer behaviors. Businesses must take note of these changes to stay ahead of the economic downturn.

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  • Making Ends Meet: Discover what countries, and what age groups, are the hardest hit by the cost-of-living crisis. What items are people most struggling to afford?

  • Cutting and Changing Consumption: Understand how many people are reevaluating their lifestyle. What actions are consumers taking to cope with climbing costs?

  • When It’s Worth Paying More: Learn what products and services consumers remain willing to spend extra on — and why — despite the challenging economic context.

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Dynata’s Global Consumer Trends research series leverages our global scale and rich first-party data asset to explore and illuminate the emerging attitudes and opinions behind consumer behaviors and trends. Using responses to more than 11,000 consumers across 11 countries, the reports dive deep into the changing and evolving factors driving economic and social change around the world.