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The Economic Crossroads

Across the world, rising costs are causing anxiety and financial struggles for consumers.

The worldwide impact of inflation is affecting their outlook and behavior. More than half of consumers globally are struggling financially because of inflation and the increasing price of fuel, housing and everyday goods. Russia’s war on Ukraine intensifies their concerns around supply-chain disruptions related to the pandemic — almost half say the war has influenced a recent purchasing decision.

How are people coping with inflation anxieties?

Facing myriad economic pressures, global consumers are changing their behavior in significant ways — including what they purchase and how they manage their money. Exactly how severe are these inflationary impacts, and are different generations better equipped than others to persevere?

We explore the opinions and attitudes of global consumers, uncovering the key trends at this Economic Crossroads.

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  • Discover how — and to what degree — inflation is forcing many to adjusting consumer behavior

  • Understand the influences and outcomes that inflation has on everyday decision-making and money management

  • See the impact of rising prices on consumers’ confidence in an uncertain future

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