How Are We Adjusting to Our “New Normal”: Global Consumer Trends COVID-19

By: Jackie Lorch
Vice President of Global Knowledge Management

The COVID-19 pandemic has created drastic change in the world around us, causing an unprecedented shift in consumer behavior across all parts of our lives. Now, with many countries approaching or passing the peak of infection, we’re thinking about our “new normal” – but what might that “new normal” look like and how should brands understand it so that they can continue to stay close to their consumers and meet their needs?
In April, we explored the immediate effects of the pandemic in our Global Consumer Trends COVID-19 special report, looking at some of the immediate and profound changes that consumers were experiencing – from the sources they were turning to for information to how fast they were pivoting to online shopping and early expectations on when the pandemic would end.
Now we find ourselves “settling in” – but what does that mean? Looking ahead, our newest report, entitled Global Consumer Trends COVID-19 Edition: The New Normal, will explore exactly that, reflecting these new consumer trends across 11 countries as they live in our new COVID-19-influenced world. Our latest report will examine:

  • The prevalence of working from home and how this may change future work models
  • Consumers’ experience with telemedicine and how many of them have tried it during the pandemic
  • How rapidly people think they’ll be ready to go back to live movies, concerts, plays and sporting events
  • How changes in shopping are affecting small businesses, and whether these businesses are likely to thrive when society reopens
  • Will cashless or contactless payment replace cash?
  • The effects on employment, and whether those who have become unemployed think they will need new skills to succeed in the future.

Whether you’re looking to better understand your audience, adapt your business model or provide a better experience for your customers, this report will deliver insights to help you make the right decisions during the New Normal and chart a path to success in these uncertain times.
Visit our Global Consumer Trends Page to download the full report.