Six months into the COVID-19 pandemic, our world has transformed, leading to extraordinary changes in consumer behaviors across every area of our lives. In our original Global Consumer Trends COVID-19 Edition report series – Understanding the Pandemic, The New Normal and The Reopening – we explored the immediate and longer-term effects of the pandemic. We also examined those effects from the perspective of healthcare professionals, comparing their responses to consumers, in our Healthcare Insider Report: COVID-19. And we studied what messages and advertising have been resonating with consumers as brands look to stay engaged and connected with consumers in our Advertising in the New Normal report series.

Our newest report, Global Consumer Trends: The Economy Edition, takes a closer look at the impact of pandemic-induced economic changes on consumer trends, looking for significant trends and their effects on local, national and global economies and lifestyles. By looking at consumer confidence and economic anxiety, the growth of online shopping and changes across the retail landscape, remote learning and employment, and why and how people are relocating (and to where) during the pandemic, we can continue our investigation of the immediate and potential longer-term effects of the global pandemic on the attitudes, behaviors and opinions of people around the world.