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In a competitive world, your advertising must provide an edge. To break through the clutter, advertising needs to do more than just be seen. It must create memorable moments that build brands. Moments that boost sales now and for years to come.

Research has shown that the most important factor for driving sales from advertising is quality creative. And to develop effective advertising that makes the most of your media budget and grows the brand, you need the right insights.

By pre-testing your advertising with Ameritest, a Dynata Solution, you can gain insight into:

  • How to enhance the quality of your advertising
  • Where to optimize across media channels and tactics
  • How your ads will contribute towards brand equity and media ROI
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The Ultimate Guide to Audience Activation

Read our guide to see how to leverage data-driven audiences for precision audience targeting.

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Award-winning & proven pre-testing methodologies

Get simple, clear assessment of your creative concepts. Our unique pre-test capabilities integrate the insights needed for decision making, the diagnostics that unpack performance and the measurements that identify opportunities for optimization and go beyond the traditional insights offered by A/B ad testing. We combine our patented, proven methodologies and a highly collaborative approach to give you a moment-by-moment understanding of how your ad’s imagery, copy and story are working together to create a branded memory for the viewer.

See the Power of Your Imagery

Vision is our dominant sense and plays a central role in how we recall advertising we’ve been exposed to and how we retrieve it later when it’s relevant. PictureSort™ will tell you whether and how your video ad gains attention and the emotionally relevant moments best convey the desired meaning.

Learn if Your Message Resonates

Exceptional advertising copy must attract attention and spark interest for your brand to be effective. CopySort™ will reveal which lines of copy are most memorable, and which resonate most powerfully with your target audience.

Know How People Process Your Static Ads

Successful static ads must capture the viewer’s attention and convey your brand’s message clearly and quickly to drive results. FlashTest™ tells you how well a static ad grabs people’s attention, the elements people look at and their thoughts that come to mind.

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Cross-channel & integrated creative testing

The creative that works on one channel won’t necessarily fit another. Our consistent cross-channel creative testing approach tests how well your different creative elements work together to shape brand perceptions, identify which are contributing most and highlight opportunities to strengthen the ads and optimize the mix.

Conduct a creative test with the exact audience as defined in your media plan by passing an audience seamlessly to Dynata or by leveraging its data partnerships.

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