Respondent Engagement:
Announcing the Winners of
Dynata Quest Awards 2022

At Dynata, we think respondent engagement is such a critical issue that we have implemented an internal initiative to pursue and address it. Our focus is on improving the value perception for respondents, starting with the survey experience.

Our approach is intended to be, firstly, purposeful and holistic. It covers four pillars that play an influential role in impacting the survey experience:

  • DESIGN: Continuously improving and implementing good survey design practices to enhance the individual survey experience
  • ECOSYSTEM: Driving behavior change to benefit the entire research ecosystem and ensure long-term sustainabilitys
  • QUALITY: Increasing survey data quality by focusing on the right respondents to remove
  • WASTAGE: Reducing overall respondent wastage on surveys

A key component to address the ECOSYSTEM pillar is feeding back hard metrics on survey performance to the survey’s designers. These hard metrics impact the respondent experience, yet do not rely on direct respondent feedback: this is what we call the ‘Quest Score’.

Dynata’s Quest Score focuses on three areas of respondent impact: Efficiency, Engagement and Trust. Within these three areas, eight variables are also measured at the individual survey level.

As well as giving individual clients and projects feedback on their performance, Dynata endeavors to publicly recognise excellence, with the hope this encourages the industry to strive for better performance. To facilitate this, we launched and presented the Dynata Quest Awards at the 2022 ESOMAR Congress in Toronto.

The Awards recognize Dynata’s best-performing clients, as measured by their Quest Scores aggregated over all projects conducted over the past year.

The top 3 winners from each of the three regions where Dynata operates are:

Reid Research Services is one of the APAC winners of this year’s Quest Award. Upon receiving the award, Managing Director Ngaire Reid, commented:

“It is such an honour and testament to the professionalism of Dynata that you conduct this analysis. It is always a pleasure working with you and I believe we share the same beliefs with respect to producing the best possible result for our clients.

I have always been an advocate of producing well-constructed, and where possible, short questionnaires.
In the first 10 years of my employment in the market research industry, as the Field Manager at Heylen Research Centre, every couple of years I used to send the researchers and company executives, out into the field to do a door-to-door survey. They didn’t particularly enjoy doing it, but I can assure you the questionnaires were considerably improved after the experience when they realised just how respondents heard the questions.

My credo is that we must respect our pool of respondents, as if we annoy them with questionnaires that are too long, or poorly constructed, we will lose their participation. Many thanks again. We do enjoy working with your team.”

On behalf of all the winners, and in recognition of the importance of sustainability in the global ecosystem – as well as our research ecosystem – Dynata (through our partnership with Ecosia) planted trees in numbers commensurate to their Quest scores.

For more information on enhancing your survey best practices or improving business results with agile solutions and insights, contact us and have a chat with our team today.

By Nancy Brigham,
Vice President, Research Science