Research Now SSI’s Extensive Array of Data Now on a Single Platform; Enables Programmatic Access to the Industry’s Most Deeply Profiled Data

The company’s panel data plus integrated data provides access to 60M people and 2,700+ attributes, redefining expectations for data-driven intelligence

Dallas, TX, (September 12, 2018) – Research Now SSI, a global leader in first-party data and data services, announces that its extensive portfolio of panel data and integrated data is now on a common platform, making the company a single provider of one of the world’s largest first-party data assets. In addition, the data is available via API, the first time that such quality data is available programmatically at scale, including access to exclusive Research Now SSI panels that were not otherwise available programmatically.

With a reach that encompasses 60 million people globally and a library of over 2,700 profile attributes collected directly from individuals through survey data – the largest dataset of its kind — users can benefit from a trustworthy data resource that is designed and actively managed to deliver a variety of advantages, including precise audience selection, reliability, and superior feasibility. The unparalleled range and richness of the data effectively creates a new standard for data quality and speed to insights.

Less than 9 months after the company’s merger, the availability of all of its panel and integrated data assets on a single platform was made possible by a massive technology-driven data management effort that involved gathering and reconciling tens of thousands of profile mappings and millions of data points.

Programmatic access to the data is an alternative to Research Now SSI’s traditional managed services access, offering customers an option based on their requirements.

Gary S. Laben, CEO of Research Now SSI, says, “By giving our customers fast, easy access to our enormous and growing storehouse of data, we are acting as our own data exchange – the industry’s largest, where the data is carefully chosen and diligently managed. This is the first step in realizing our strategy as a combined business to harness first-party data throughout the marketing spectrum, from market research to activation, to bring market researchers, marketers, advertisers and publishers insights based on the actual voice of the consumer.”

He also notes, “Developing a single platform so quickly is a testament to the seamless collaboration and single-mindedness of our technology, product, operations, panel and research science teams, who worked tirelessly to give customers the advantages of the unified Research Now SSI data portfolio.”

About Research Now SSI

Research Now SSI is the world’s leading global provider of first-party consumer and professional data based on extensive, proprietary market research panels. Around this core asset of opted-in, managed data, the company has built innovative data services and solutions that bring the voice of the individual to the entire marketing spectrum, from research to marketing to advertising. Research Now SSI serves more than 5,800 market research agencies, media and advertising agencies, consulting and investment firms, and healthcare and corporate customers in the Americas, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. For more information about our range of data-driven offerings, go to and

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