Leverage the largest, most accurate and comprehensive online and offline voter-matched panel in the US to create better models or to influence decision making. Dynata provides quick access to verified voters at the national, state or district level to help you make smarter campaign decisions, especially in swing states. Pollsters, PACs, public opinion groups, and nonprofits can access important behavioral and modeled variables to conduct political polling of panel members as well as targeted and non-targeted voters using List-Match, RDD, etc. across all modes – computer assisted telephone interviewing (CATI) and online.

Reach Political and Voter Audiences:

Tap the largest, most accurate voter-matched on-line
and offline panel in the U.S. to drive political research
at the national, state, district, and local levels – informed
by voter behavior and modeled variables.

Dynata Can Help You:

  • Launch surveys to targeted audiences via any device (mobile, tablet or desktop)
  • Reach verified voters via our Sample+ Voter partnership with Aristotle, Catalist, TargetSmart & DataTrust
  • Engage constituents in online discussion boards, chat rooms and custom communities for more interactive feedback
  • Measure the impact of digital political advertising and validate online audiences by comparing opinions of those who viewed your advertisements and those who did not
  • Improve segmentation and modeling using our proprietary respondent data