One of the world’s largest collections of permissioned, first-party data at your fingertips

With a global reach of 60 million people and a library of 2,700 profile attributes collected directly from individuals, Dynata provides a trustworthy, first-party data resource designed and managed to deliver precise audience selection, reliability, and superior feasibility.

We offer the largest and most diverse global, first-party B2B and B2C data available in more than 45 countries, including hard-to-reach consumers and mobile users. Our market research panels include brand-endorsed loyalists affiliated with over 75 major brands and include specialty audiences such as healthcare, politics, and gaming.

To help you maximize the use of our opted-in, managed data, we provide a wide selection of innovative data services and solutions designed to bring the voice of the individual to the entire marketing spectrum, from research to marketing to advertising.

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