Make research-powered assessments
throughout the investment cycle

Global economic recovery continues to face disruptions, prompting increased scrutiny of deals. New technologies and products might be intuitively exciting, but excitement doesn’t always translate to marketplace success. In the private market landscape, where data is harder to come by, conducting thorough and comprehensive due diligence can make a significant difference in investment outcomes, according to Pitchbook.

There are numerous opportunities for smart private equity firms to apply custom primary research throughout the investment lifecycle.

  • Thematic industry evaluation
  • Early-stage deal screening and due diligence
  • Brand or product positioning
  • Portfolio company optimization
  • New market or product expansion
  • Sell side positioning

Each stage requires a specialized approach to maximize the value of the research and enable the right focus and most valuable insights; and Dynata is uniquely positioned to help investment firms leverage these approaches.

Sharpen the area of focus by conducting a broad assessment of the market landscape. Analyze trends, growth opportunities and the potential and/or risk for disruption.

Early-stage deal screening and due diligence
Identify brand specific perception and brand positioning to validate investment theses and uncover specific targets to explore further via quick pulses and polling of customer sentiment. Direct input from customers and businesses can also help identify any risks or regulatory considerations.

Commercial Due Diligence – Evaluate brand or product positioning
Verify the addressable market by interviewing existing customers, as well as looking at prospective future customers. Assess the value of an innovative technology or business model through customer sentiment, as well as understanding the demographic and other characteristics of the target market.

Gain an understanding of the value of an existing service or product even with a limited operating history, and test how to expand market reach by identifying gaps in competitor’s product lines (or the planned product line) and measuring consumer loyalty to competitors. Conducting a market sizing exercise solidifies the total addressable market and identifies areas of obstacles and opportunities.

Value Creation – Optimize portfolio companies
For companies evaluating areas of growth and opportunity, it’s no longer enough to focus on financial drivers of value. Identify opportunities for profit maximization and brand growth in portfolio companies through market testing of new products and features.

Traditional analysis on customer satisfaction, future purchase behavior, and likelihood to recommend all tell a story about a brand’s strength, however it is important to know where consumers will actually put their money. Dynata’s team of researchers can help to incorporate underutilized methodologies such as conjoints, maxdiffs or concept testing into research and will guide you throughout the process, from design to deliverable.

New market or product expansion
Assess the potential for expansion in new growth channels by leveraging custom research to understand new industries and markets. Evaluate potential brands for consumer sentiment for potential targets and the competitive space, as well as layer this into previously conducted research to help assess the strategy of a growing brand.

Sell side positioning
Custom research helps sellers craft convincing equity stories by providing first party data that reflects market realities, while also emphasizing the company’s perception, positioning, and areas of opportunity in a way that supports the overarching story of the business.

Benefit from consultation with our experts for the best solution to meet your objectives

  • Team of Experts: Our deeply experienced relationship managers, researchers and programmers are focused on supporting investment firms
  • Best Practices: Consulting on research best practices and guidance through survey programming and fielding
  • Global Support: Time-zone support across the globe including additional weekend and evening support

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