Dynata CEO Gary Laben joins MarTech Advisor’s “Talking Stack” podcast to talk about understanding customers using first party data

Dynata CEO Gary Laben joined MarTech Advisor’s “Talking Stack” podcast on Nov. 18 for a converation on how marketers can use research-based first-party data to better understand the customer. Gary and David Raab of the CDP Institute and Anand Thaker of Intelliphi discussed the combination of technology and skills needed to engage with customers in more meaningful ways. As Gary says, “I think the future… is about customer primacy and getting to true customer-centricity… we’re beginning to use technology and capabilities and coming up with new ones that allow us to understand the consumer better and begin to prioritize business and services and products.”
Listen to the full podcast below to learn more about first-party research can help marketers do just that.