Choosing the right insights partner
for commercial due diligence

Successful investing requires both the ability to identify opportunities that can drive growth and profits, and the actionable insight to pursue (or not) those opportunities. Whether focused on market sizing, brand perception, or other key stages of due diligence, here are 4 considerations when choosing an insights partner to better support your decision making: 

  1. Speed of research execution 
  2. Efficient targeting for your due diligence research.
  3. High-quality data that you can trust.
  4. Proven track record of providing investment-focused research expertise 

Let’s look at each criterion in detail: 

1. Speed of research execution
With the timeline for carrying out due diligence becoming increasingly compressed, Dynata’s specialist team understands the challenges facing private equity firms and other investment professionals. Fast access to robust insights enables you to act in a timely manner to remain competitive. It’s important to choose an insights partner that can provide a flexible delivery model, so that you can focus on other components of the deal.

With a global team of project managers and programmers, Dynata offers modular end-to-end research services. This includes scripting, programming, testing, language translations, data cleaning, and handling respondent incentives. Real-time survey results are made available via Dynata’s online reporting tool, enabling our clients to begin the analysis phase of their project whilst the survey is still in field.

2. Efficient targeting for your due diligence research
One of the major benefits to conducting primary research is the opportunity to collect data for your specific objectives and research questions. Just as important is the ability to collect the answers to these research questions from the relevant target audience. Whether this is household decision-makers or managers in IT companies, it’s important to work with a scalable partner who can provide the reach and depth of targeting needed for your project.

Dynata provides exactly that: a global panel of 70 million consumers and business professionals across 50+ countries from which a suitable, reliable and engaged audience can be easily and quickly reached.

With panelists vetted, verified and fully permissioned, as well as profiled against over 300 datapoints, you can quickly identify the ideal audience for your survey. We’ve built and we maintain trusted, ongoing relationships with these audiences, ensuring that – in a world more aware of privacy and authenticity – we can deliver the actual voice of the individual at scale.

This enables you to tap into a rich resource of insight from a suitable quantity of respondents – including specialty and hard-to-reach audiences – to achieve statistical significance. When it comes to targeting business professionals, Dynata can apply several criteria to our global panel to ensure your survey is answered by suitable respondents; for example: industry, annual turnover, job role / responsibilities, number of FTEs, etc.

3. High-quality data that you can trust
High-quality data is the cornerstone of business intelligence that drives accurate insights for smarter decision-making. As such, it’s paramount that you can trust the data collected from your target audience.

With proprietary identity verification controls, and the highest levels of data management compliance and data protection, Dynata is the world’s leading first-party data provider and a trusted partner of 6,000 organizations across all major industries.

Dynata’s QualityScoreTM solution, enables clients to achieve better data quality by leveraging AI and machine learning, to score the quality of all in-survey activity. By monitoring respondent activity across 20+ datapoints including behavioral and passive measurements (like mouse movement), Dynata can automatically flag and remove respondents with a low-quality score.
This advanced technology ensures survey data is of the highest quality throughout every step of the respondent cycle.

Providing clients with high-quality data and rigorous checks offers the added benefit of saving time. We review the data collected during fieldwork in real-time using an automated and manual process, which ensures clients have access to clean data – and thus accurate, unbiased insights, at any time.

4. Proven track record of providing investment-focused research expertise
Critical investment decisions require support from experienced teams who understand your investment objectives. Dynata’s Investment team is dedicated to supporting private equity firms, wealth managers, and other investment professionals globally. Dozens of the world’s largest investors rely on Dynata to support them in achieving their primary research goals.

Whether your research objective is to better understand a specific competitive landscape, the purchasing criteria and behavior of consumers, or the NPS that business professionals would give to a specific product, our team can support you with crafting a survey that delivers fast, accurate and actionable insights for you and your team.

We also understand the challenges and opportunities in the lead up to an acquisition, and the time constraints that come with carrying out CDD. Our end-to-end survey management process is designed to fit within your project timeline.

For investors globally, Dynata is the partner of choice for delivering meaningful insights at the speed and scale of your business.

Curious to find out more? Contact Dynata’s Investment Team to learn more about how we can best support you and your team.