A Guide to Leveraging Data and Insights at the Speed of Your Business

In a marketplace increasingly defined by stringent and tightening regulations, volatile and fast-moving markets, and the longer-term financial effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the stakes for investment opportunities have never been higher. Success in investing demands both the ability to identify which opportunities can drive growth and profits and then act on those opportunities.

That kind of high-stakes, critical decision-making requires a steady and rich source of research – timely insights, derived from high-quality data – to eliminate knowledge gaps, reduce the guesswork and risks in investing, and deliver profits. Much the same way, bad insights and bad decisions have real, tangible financial effects. The failure to anticipate risks and losses can produce a negative impact to the investment firm’s future portfolios and revenue, along with reputational damage in the marketplace.

When you factor in the ever-present pressures involved in high-stake investment projects – compliance, due diligence, etc. – the spotlight on investment research practices grows brighter, and brings with it the opportunity to institute new processes and research partners capable of helping uncover, analyze, and act upon these type of “quick turn” insights that lead to better quality research and enable investment firms to make the informed decisions that uncover opportunity and drive growth.

For those in the investing world seeking a more research-focused approach to investment decision-making process, here are few factors to consider:

Research Helps Every Stage
Risk is inherent in investing and managing that risk can influence the success or failure of any venture. Doing so means accounting for all “knowns” and “unknowns” and being informed with as much available information as possible. The more you know, the greater your chance of making the right decision to pursue or terminate an opportunity – whether at the early stages of prospecting and market sizing or when researching competitive landscapes, product feasibility and working through the key steps of due diligence.

This is where a trusted data partner – capable of delivering vetted and verified audiences and fully-compliant processes for uncovering insights – can play a key role. The right data partner should enhance your entire knowledge base with high quality first-party data; the services you need to do research; and the professional services expertise to help turn due diligence for every investing project into a simplified, streamlined insights generation process for informed decision-making. Costs associated with research are an easily justifiable expense compared to the risks associated with failing to conduct it.

Better Decision-Making Starts with High Quality Data 
Accurate insights are critical for data-driven decisions, and those accurate insights start with high quality data. Whether exploring the newest consumer market or prospecting an emerging business trend, high quality data brings the assurance means access to real people with real opinions, engaged and ready to respond – delivering data you can trust and providing the foundation required for accurate insights and better decision-making.

This rich resource comes inherent in first-party data, built through ongoing, trusted relationships with global audiences of consumers and B2B panels. As a fully-permissioned source – with explicit consent and opt-in direct from the audience themselves – first-party data is made for the new privacy-centric world, where stricter regulations and empowered consumers have raised the stakes for capturing and managing data.

A data partner with that first-party data capability should be chosen with that in mind. Such a partnership brings the assurance of the right audiences and reliable insights that can lower risk and increase efficiency. Additionally, that partner can help provide the peace of mind needed to gain stakeholder buy-in at all levels and improve future decision-making, building enthusiasm for further investment in data and research initiatives.

The Need for Speed
On top of fully permissioned high quality first-party data, seek out a partner with the expertise to use it for agile, actionable insights and better decision-making – again and again at the speed of the business. Faster access to robust insights enables investment professionals to act in a timely manner to remain competitive and profitable, positioning you to use an opportunistic and aggressive approach to finding the next big investment opportunity.

A true data partner will not only be able to support your insights needs but will also offer you the services and solutions – and expertise – to help you create, activate, and operationalize that research process at the speed of the market. That process then becomes the backbone for any decisions needed to anticipate, understand, and act, delivered with options for a DIY model to more collaborative approaches, or even a complete “back-office” takeover that handles all research needs.

Partner with Dynata for a Competitive Edge
In an industry where the right information and an agile approach can help discover the next breakthrough stock, your data partner can be the difference. Without a competitive edge, your competitors could be leveraging data more effectively, uncovering insights before you do and capitalizing on critical opportunities.

Investment firms who treat data as an asset and prioritize their data partner relationship, focusing on accurate and agile insights for critical decision-making, can gain a competitive advantage. If you are looking to make data and insights core to your decision-making, consider Dynata – the world’s largest first-party data platform for insights, activation, and measurement. Our first-party data made up of more than 62 million consumers and B2B audiences around the world, fully permissioned and extensively profiled and serves as the backbone for the research capabilities we offer our clients. We are the standard for B2B data, with access to the largest reach and depth of business professionals, continually innovating and pioneering the online B2B research space.

Dynata is the partner of choice to deliver meaningful insights at the speed and scale of your business with quality data and automated, end-to-end solutions.

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