Climate change, green energy and sustainability are now a driving force behind consumer behavior, creating a new economy – the Green Economy – driven by the decisions consumers make to understand and adopt green energy choices into their daily lives. The emergence of the Green Economy provides a glimpse into future economic growth and job creation, reflecting the opportunities and priorities of governments, brands and individuals as they wrestle with climate change and their own response to it.

This webinar will explore the individual consumer behaviors and expectations behind Green Economy participation. It will also look at consumer expectations of responsibility and accountability by governments and businesses in enabling the Green Economy, and how that can help answer larger questions surrounding potential barriers to the growth and consumer expectations as it continues to unfold. Gain insights to:

  • Consumer attitudes towards climate change and the implications for businesses and governments
  • Consumer participation in the Green Economy – from what they do today and what behaviors they might adopt tomorrow
  • Perceived barriers preventing consumers from participating in the Green Economy
  • The opportunity for brands to participate in the Green Economy, and why they should be cautious of “green-washing” in their messaging
  • Consumer opinions on the leading voices in green energy and climate change response