03/19/2024  |  45 MIN

As we stand on the brink of the cookieless era, advertisers need to futureproof their approach to digital advertising targeting and measurement. At Dynata, our vast first-party panel already enables us to measure more digital advertising in a cookieless manner than anyone else in the ecosystem.

We’ve invited senior experts from Publicis Media, the Advertising Research Foundation and Duke University to discuss how brands can navigate this changing landscape, and leverage this opportunity to be even smarter and more innovative in the way we target and engage with consumers.

Fill in our short form to watch this 45-minute session where our speakers shared their perspectives to help demystify some of the complexities of the cookieless world.

Featured Speakers

Hui Wang
SVP, Global Data Intelligence - Analytics Service
Nishat Mehta
Chair of the Board of The Advertising Research Foundation
Carl Mela
Finch Foundation Professor of Business Administration
Becky Harris
Vice President, Measurement and Data Solutions
Steven Millman
Head of Global Research & Data Science