Digital Consumers in The New Experience Economy


The New Experience Economy:
The Digital Consumer

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New mindsets and behaviors have emerged from the pandemic, causing more people to shop online now than ever before. And while many still prefer shopping for essentials in-person, 1 in 4 consumers now subscribe to have products like groceries, personal care or household products delivered on a regular schedule.

Consumers find online shopping convenient but say not being able to touch or feel a product in person is its major downfall. We found that 3 in 4 consumers have some interest in trying an augmented reality shopping experience and say it could lead to a purchase. Could AR-shopping be the way forward in The New Experience Economy?

Read Dynata’s newest report for insight into the global trends shaping the future of online shopping.

Key Findings at a Glance

  • Discover the types of purchases consumers prefer to make online

  • Learn the benefits and drawbacks of online shopping

  • Find out how interested people are in augmented reality shopping experiences

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NOTE: The survey includes over 11,000 responses from 11 countries: the USA, Canada, the UK, France, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, China, Japan and Australia.