Increase cross-channel media impact

Accurately measure TV, print, digital & social

Prove marketing ROI

Accurate measurement for ad effectiveness demands rich, reliable first-party data

The increased fragmentation of media means that measuring advertising impact across all publishers and channels is more challenging than ever.

It also means simplistic measures such as click-throughs or website visits can’t provide the essential insights into cross-channel campaign effectiveness to prove – and improve – marketing and advertising ROI.

You need access to rich, accurate first-party data that identifies ad exposure, both online and offline, at the individual level, to understand, measure, and prove

  • Marketing and advertising ROI
  • Cross-channel performance and attribution
  • Effectiveness of in-flight digital advertising
  • TV effectiveness (VOD, SVOD, AVOD, and more)
  • Social media impact

By combining Dynata’s robust, accurate first-party data with dynamic dashboard reporting, you can:

Easily measure and improve your marketing performance across all platforms and publishers

  • Define the optimal media mix
  • Establish a cross-channel measurement engine
  • Improve your TV campaigns
  • Increase the effectiveness of your social media

Measure Effectiveness Across Critical Areas of Your Media & Advertising

Dynata data and insights solutions help you measure, evaluate and optimize advertising effectiveness on critical areas of your media to see how a campaign is influencing consumers at all levels of the purchase funnel.


Boost your cross-channel marketing campaigns to the next level. Explore how you can lift your ROI, demonstrate the immediate impact on your brand and gain a competitive edge.


Dynata’s delivers data from millions of users for a complete picture of your digital and social advertising efforts in the context with your broader media.


Understand the impact of TV advertising campaigns by viewing lifts in brand metrics to ensure that you’re spending your ad dollars effectively.

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