Today’s consumers are smarter and more empowered than ever.

They’re willing to share – but expect something in return: more control, enhanced personalization and impenetrable privacy and security. Dynata is a consumer’s trusted partner for sharing their opinions, their data, and their time. It’s this permission-based approach at the individual level that powers our Connected Data Services, enabling data connectivity and deeper insights into the needs of your target audience. Our patented approach allows Dynata to connect first, second- and third-party data, delivering a singular view of integrated data-driven insights across the entire marketing ecosystem:

To meet the needs of modern consumers in a personalized and relevant way, effective marketing and advertising require a real-time feedback loop. What is working? What’s not? Dynata helps power your data-driven strategies to maximize the ROI of your marketing efforts at each stage of that loop.


Build a more comprehensive picture of your consumer by connecting survey data to other trusted data sources, at scale. Enrich general marketing research, segmentation, brand tracking and other survey work with behavioral, claimed and derived datasets from our extensive third-party partner network or our own first-party Dynata data. This includes the ability to match against your own proprietary CRM data, enabling enhanced targeting, comparability between existing customers and prospects, and further enrichment of your customer file.


Once you’ve identified your ideal audience, leverage it to more precisely inform marketing and ad campaigns using your connected understanding of how to personalize high-performing campaigns. Through permission-based look-a-like modeling, tap our extensive ad technology partner network or a connectivity partner of your choice to activate insights as part of a larger data-driven marketing ecosystem.


Now that your campaigns are live, leverage our Connected Data and Advertising Services to measure the effectiveness of your look-a-like driven campaigns. Whether measuring the impact on brand lift or verifying that your campaign was viewed by your target audience, our full suite of solutions allows measurement and optimization in real time to re-inform the research segmentation for the next cycle.

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