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Audience Data

With a global reach of nearly 70 million survey respondents and an unrivaled approach to quality, Dynata is the most trusted source for reliable, accurate human-sourced, audience data. From simple criteria such as age, gender, region, and income to rare and difficult-to-reach audiences Dynata delivers the quality data you need to formulate powerful business insights.

Dynata Managed Services Packages


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Data Operations – In-Depth Services

Advanced Project Management

  • All Navigator PM elements, plus:​
  • Research design consultation
  • Questionnaire review (lite)
  • Template development

Advanced Survey Scripting​

  • Survey methodologies supported:
  • Complex quota allocation​
  • MaxDiff (up to 35 attributes included)​
  • Choice-based conjoint analyses (CBCs)​
  • Adaptive Choice-Based Conjoint analyses​
  • Conjoint integration (i.e. Sawtooth)

Data Organization

  • All Navigator data operations, plus:​
  • Summarized data in custom
    tables (crosstabs)


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Data Operations – Guided Services

Standard Project Management

  • All Essential PM elements, plus:​
  • Questionnaire review (lite)

Standard Survey Scripting​

  • Interlocking quotas​
  • Randomization of questions​
  • Simple least full selection​
  • Multi-country surveys (up to 4 countries)​
  • Inclusion of multimedia

Data Organization

  • Raw data in CSV, XLSX, or SPSS​
  • Self-serve charts and graphs tool


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Audience Data Only

Lite Project Management:​

  • Platform compatibility assurance​
  • Customer support​
  • Screening reviews
Added Services Essential Navigator Advisor
Expedited Delivery Available Available Available
Survey Translations Available Available
Freeform Response Coding Available Available
Purpose-built Dashboards Available Available
Other Reporting (Topline Summary, Automated Report Creation, etc.) Available Available

Advanced Services

Attribute Drivers
Determine which of your product or service attributes deliver the highest probability of positively impacting your KPIs.

Advanced Consultation & Survey Design for LOI’s over 10 minutes; Includes three (3) data expert meetings, in-depth strategic guidance, planning, data cleansing, verbatim coding, various forms of data weighting and more.

Dynata Brand Value Index (DBVI)
Proprietary scoring analysis for measuring and comparing the strength of a brand’s equity relative to competing brands.

Perceptual Mapping
Mapping exercise for uncovering and visualizing how a target audience perceives and positions the attributes of similar brands.

Van Westendorp
Price your products or services with certainty by applying a Van Westendorp analysis according to classic perceptions around price: too cheap, cheap, expensive, and too expensive.

Cluster Analysis
Identify similarities (e.g. ‘clusters’) within a data set, including buyer personas or a set of product attributes. Conducted over the course of four 30-minute sessions.

Key Drivers Analysis
Analysis for determining the relative importance of attributes based on Johnson’s Relative Weights technique where variables are summed to 100%.

Time Series Analysis
Analysis done over time to reveal unexpected and statistically significant trends, hidden patterns, and other impacts to predict near-
term performance.

Rapid Insights
Use wave-to-wave reporting to quickly identify statistically significant changes between different study waves, revealing key insights faster and improving the accuracy of your findings. Removes the potential for human error in wave comparisons.

Custom Conjoint Design
Discover which features of your product or service are valued most by your clients by enlisting a Dynata research expert to help design and analyze your conjoint study:
Product or service attributes

  • Conjoint method recommendation
  • Attribute selection for testing
  • Most/least important attribute ranking
  • Calculation of attribute value ($)

MaxDiff Analysis
Statistical “best/worst” ranking to determine which attributes from your product or service resonate most with your target audience.

TURF Analysis
Analysis for determining the ideal mix of varieties in a product line to maximize the number of consumers who would purchase a particular feature set.

CRM Extension Solutions
Connect your customer data or other 3rd party data to build richer profiles and gain greater insights into your customer base.