Global Consumer Trends

The Health Edition

Throughout 2020 Dynata was the source for shifting and evolving consumer trends around the world, illuminating how people were adapting and responding to the global Coronavirus pandemic. Now, after a year of unique change, uncertainty and disruption to our daily lives, the delivery of the first COVID-19 vaccines seems to be poised to bring an end to the pandemic and a return to “before.”

Our newest report, Global Consumer Trends: The Health Edition, uses the presence of the vaccine to check in with more than 11,000 consumers 11 countries to gauge their feelings about the vaccine, where and when it will be available, to whom; what could help encourage help to get vaccinated themselves; and whether they believe the vaccine can lead to the end of the pandemic and a return to “normal.” Included in this report is an exploration of the current state of our personal well-being and changes to – and new habits of – our physical and emotional wellness. Lastly, the report examines healthcare access and availability during the pandemic, including the use of telemedicine as an option for healthcare.

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The Health Edition: Key Findings at a Glance

People are glad the vaccines are here, and they want it – but there are some concerns

Celebrities can play a leading role in getting people vaccinated, while Medical professionals are the most trusted sources for COVID vaccine information

Mental health is a concern, and people are taking comfort in family and friends

Exercise is on the rise, streaming fitness services/apps are getting a boost

The Economy Edition

Takes a closer look at the impact of pandemic-induced economic changes on consumer trends and – in some cases – compares those indicators to Dynata’s earlier reports that highlight how much some of these changes have impacted our local, national and global economies and lifestyles.

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The Reopening Edition

As cities, states and countries begin to cautiously reopen, we’re examining key sectors and industries looking to bounce back, and what safety measures they will need to consider adopting to do so. After having been closed or operating at half- or quarter-measures, how long will it take the customers and consumers of these sectors to return and help them reopen at full capacity? Brands and agencies can leverage these insights to help better understand what it will take for people to feel more comfortable – and safe – when they choose to travel, dine out, exercise, buy a car or drive, either on their own or ridesharing.

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