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Global Consumer Trends

Dynata’s Global Consumer Trends research series leverages our global scale and rich first-party data asset to explore and illuminate the emerging attitudes and opinions behind consumer behaviors and trends. Using responses to more than 11,000 consumers across 11 countries, the reports dive deep into the changing and evolving factors driving economic and social change around the world.

New Lives in a New World

Dynata’s newest report– Global Consumer Trends: New Lives in a New World – explores the changes to the way we live, work, spend and travel since the pandemic started. Have our priorities shifted? What changes do we want to keep in our working lives? And when – and how – are people planning to return to vacations and travel for business and/or for pleasure? Discover which consumer behaviors and attitudes are likely to return to pre-COVID levels and which are now permanent parts of our new lives.

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New Lives in a New World: Key Findings at a Glance

A new prioritization of mental, physical and emotional health

The desire to maintain the “perks” of our new working lives

Yearning for leisure travel & vacationing vs. business travel

Changes in lifestyle behaviors & spending habits at home

The Green Economy Edition

Global Consumer Trends: The Green Economy explores the growing economy surrounding green and renewable energy, and how consumers view the role that they and their country’s government can play in that new economy. Setting aside belief in climate change, it’s clear that the emergent Green Economy will be driven by the decisions consumers make to understand and adopt green energy/renewable energy choices into their daily lives, offering a glimpse into future economic growth and job creation and reflecting the opportunities and priorities of governments, brands and individuals as they wrestle with climate change and their own response to it. Global Consumer Trends: The Green Economy investigates the behaviors and motivations of consumers through the lens of current and future individual purchasing decisions, as well as larger questions around governmental incentivization and regulation.

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The Health Edition

Global Consumer Trends: The Health Edition, uses the presence of the vaccine to check in with more than 11,000 consumers from 11 countries to gauge their feelings about the vaccine, where and when it will be available, to whom; what could help encourage them to get vaccinated; and whether they believe the vaccine can lead to the end of the pandemic and a return to “normal.” Included in this report is an exploration of the current state of our personal well-being and changes to – and new habits of – our physical and emotional wellness. Lastly, the report examines healthcare access and availability during the pandemic, including the use of telemedicine as an option for healthcare.

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The Economy Edition

Takes a closer look at the impact of pandemic-induced economic changes on consumer trends and – in some cases – compares those indicators to Dynata’s earlier reports that highlight how much some of these changes have impacted our local, national and global economies and lifestyles.

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Walking a Fine Line: Brand Messaging During the Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has radically changed nearly every aspect of the consumer experience, from what – and how – they purchase to the ways in which they respond to advertising. In this rapidly evolving environment, brands and marketers will need to balance the desire to reach consumers with being mindful of our New Normal lifestyles.

There has never been a more important time for marketers to adapt and respond appropriately with a data-driven approach. How can brands overcome the complexities of advertising during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Leverage actionable insights, across key areas, to ensure effective advertising strategies during these uncertain times.

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