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Truly Know Your Consumer

Today’s consumers are smarter and more empowered than ever.
They are willing to share, but expect more control, enhanced personalization and impenetrable security in return. With our permission-based approach, Dynata is a consumer’s trusted partner for sharing their opinions, data and time. It’s this relationship that powers our Connected Data Services, enabling deeper insights into the needs of your target audience.

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Maximize Marketing ROI with a Real-Time Feedback Loop

To meet the needs of modern consumers in a personalized and relevant way, effective marketing and advertising require a real-time feedback loop. What is working? What’s not? Using a patented approach to connect first-, second- and third-party data across the entire marketing ecosystem, Dynata helps power data-driven strategies to maximize your marketing ROI at each stage for continuous improvement.

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Dynata Awarded Patent for
Connected Data Capabilities

Covering industry first-of-its-kind ability to connect
first, second- and third-party data for a singular, integrated
view of disparate data sets.

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Connect Insights to Impact for Continuous
Improvement of Your Audience and Marketing ROI


Enrich general marketing research, segmentation, brand tracking and other survey work with behavioral, claimed and derived data sets from Dynata’s extensive third-party partner network or our first-party data set.


Connect data to drive impact. Match against your proprietary CRM data – or the ad technology platform of your choice – to enhance targeting, compare customers and prospects, and activate insights as part of your larger marketing ecosystem.


Activate through action and scale your target audience. Now that you've identified and enriched your segmentation, make it invaluable by using it as the seed for permission-based look-alike modeling to scale audiences for campaign activation.


Measure and validate real people and real behaviors. Once your look-alike driven campaigns are live, measure their effectiveness by analyzing impact on brand lift or verifying views by your target audience to reinform research segmentation and media planning.

Continuously enhance your audience
to improve personalization and increase marketing ROI.

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