Dynata Political Polling Sheds Light on the Voter Opinions and Sentiments Driving Super Tuesday Results

Comprehensive survey delivers insights behind primary and caucus results,
informing Super Tuesday coverage and analysis for media outlets, including The New York Times

DALLAS – March 4, 2020 – In the first true test of national electability, “Super Tuesday” 2020 saw 14 states, one US territory and Americans living abroad casting a vote in their presidential primaries and caucuses, with 1,357 of delegates at stake (34% of the total available). And, with so much on the line, national media outlets such as The New York Times turned to Dynata, the world’s largest first-party data and insights platform, to inform their coverage of Super Tuesday voting.

In addition to candidate preference in Super Tuesday states, the survey also asked voters about the issues affecting their voting choices in the 2020 election, such as healthcare, immigration and tax reform. Those issues, and others, are part of Dynata’s ongoing Political Profiling Survey (PPS), looking behind the vote choices to understand why America’s electorate thinks and behaves the way it does. With over 25,000 respondents each year, the PPS studies voter opinions on dozens of issues and examines how and where they consume political information.

Leveraging the largest, most accurate and comprehensive online and offline voter-matched panel in the United States, Dynata’s political polling capabilities help pollsters, PACs, public opinion groups and non-profits drive political research at the national, state, district, and local levels – informed by voter behavior and modeled variables. Dynata’s quick access to verified voters at all levels enhances constituent engagement and allows for stronger measurement of, and audience validation for, political advertising. This enables better and more educated campaign decisions, especially in swing states, through political polling of panel members as well as targeted and non-targeted voters across all modes, including computer assisted telephone interviewing (CATI) and online.

“With the rapidly-changing dynamics of this Democratic presidential race, it can be hard to understand the ’why’ behind the ’what’ of voter sentiment,” said Yaron Zimmerman, general manager of Voice Services and Political Campaign business, Dynata. “Whether reaching these audiences via the only DIY access to verified voters, or our traditional full-service capacity, Dynata’s political polling capabilities can help pollsters, PACs, public interest group, politically-minded organizations and media cut through the noise to uncover important insights driving the national conversation around the 2020 election. Coupled with our ongoing PPS survey, we can reveal the opinions and attitudes behind candidate perception, voter turnout and key campaign issues, unlocking the ‘why’ behind the issues constituents care about most.”

For more information on Dynata’s political polling capabilities, visit www.dynata.com/political/.

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