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Dynata bridges the gap between audience insights, campaign activation and better marketing ROI. Brands, marketing agencies and media providers can now leverage market research data for audience creation and campaign activation frictionlessly.

Custom Audiences

Dynatas solution takes market research and turns it into custom audiences for media buy. By using the audience of interest from the market research data and applying ML and predictive modeling, Dynata scales the audience into an addressable, target group. These actionable audiences are delivered to various media platforms, exchanges, and publishers to provide real data insights that fuel informed advertising decisions. Dynata places emphasis on privacy compliance so each supplied audience is reachable.

Syndicated Audiences

Our syndicated audience solution transforms high-quality Dynata data on consumers and brands into addressable audiences for activation. Dynata offers over 1200 unique audience segments, across 15 various categories, available on demand in Industry-leading Data marketplaces.

Audience Activation Process Flow and Dynata Media Partners

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