The flip of the calendar to the New Year of 2021 means the wide delivery of the first COVID-19 vaccines, poised to help bring an end to the Coronavirus pandemic. The presence of the vaccine has spurred discussion around where and when it will be available, and to whom, and what could help encourage consumers to get the vaccine themselves. Alongside questions surrounding vaccine availability, the current state of our health into sharp relief has been thrown into sharp relief, revealing the changes to – and new habits of – our physical and emotional wellness.

This webinar, Global Consumer Trends: Health Edition explores the attitudes and opinions of consumers surrounding both the vaccine and our general health and well-being around the world. Topics include:

  • Which sources do consumers trust when seeking information on the COVID-19 vaccine?
  • Consumer attitudes towards the COVID-19 vaccine what that could mean for encouraging vaccinations and the eventual end of the pandemic
  • Confidence in healthcare systems, physician availability and telemedicine usage and satisfaction levels
  • Coping mechanisms for rising levels of anxiety and stress brought on by the pandemic
  • Which health and fitness trends are “booming” during the pandemic, and whether they are here to stay