Over the last two years, the market research industry has undergone significant change. As leaders reevaluate roles and responsibilities, there is a tremendous opportunity for women to reposition themselves for career growth.

Hear from several female leaders at Dynata for insight into the current state of the Insights industry, the skills needed to meet today’s workplace needs and tips on how to position yourself for tomorrow’s global workforce trends.

Webinar Panelists:

  • Andreea Cotabitiu , Vice President, Consulting and Investment at Dynata
  • Antonia Maneta, Marketing Director, EMEA at Dynata
  • Diana Wohldmann, Vice President, Corporate Accounts at Dynata.
  • Kate Svoboda, Chief of Staff, Dynata
  • Kathryn Hudson, Vice President, Human Resources at Dynata
  • Leigh-Anne Goldstein, Director, Business Operations at Dynata
  • Meghan Slan, Diversity and Inclusion Manager at Dynata
  • Nancy Brigham, Ph.D., Vice President, Research Science at Dynata