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Dynata Data Quality Advantage

Innovation, opportunity and growth all start with uncovering the accurate insights that drive smarter decision-making. Those insights come from real people, engaged and ready to respond, delivering data you can trust and providing the foundation for accurate insights and better decision-making.

Our global reach includes nearly 70 million consumers and business professionals – vetted, verified and fully permissioned with billions of data points. Our advanced techniques for hard-to-reach audiences ensure we can find the right people, from asking people to describe their job in their own words to leveraging machine learning to sort them into relevant categories and confirming their identity via publicly available information about professional credentials.

Imperium, a Dynata data quality solution, has pioneered data quality verification. Leveraging Imperium’s QualityScore™, winner of Quirk’s Media’s 2021 Technology Impact Award for outstanding innovations, clients can for the first time prove the quality of their data for the most accurate, unbiased insights.

Our automated data-hygiene and anti-fraud technology solutions use machine learning to ensure survey data is always of the highest quality throughout every step of the respondent cycle, from registration to in-survey completion.

Our proprietary verification and identification practices leverage our expertise and innovative technology solutions throughout every step of the sample process


Selecting the Right People

Dynata leverages its industry-leading data quality solution, Imperium, to identify and collect data from only qualified, engaged individuals. Imperium’s next-generation database hygiene tools swiftly evaluate self-reported information, providing real-time anomaly detection and quality management at the outset.


Admitting Real Respondents

Dynata doubles down on quality management by deploying digital identity-validation. By mapping respondents’ credentials against key data points, we eliminate duplicates and fraud in real time.


Returning Accurate Data

We evaluate respondent attention and behavior throughout the survey using Imperium’s fully automated QualityScore™. This tool analyzes response patterns for every survey question to identify fraud, uncover inattention, and help researchers understand how to build better questionnaires. In total, QualityScore™ improves respondent experience and ensures accuracy in the final data set.

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