Redefining Data Quality in Changing Times

Presentation | 30 minutes

The rise of automation, bots and AI represents both a threat and an opportunity for data quality in market research. How can you leverage automated solutions to identify fraudulent respondent behaviour, and deliver high-data quality that will inform accurate insights for smarter decision making?

Presenter: Stefan Boom, Managing Director, Benelux and Nordics


Fireside Chat: The Future of Market Research

Fireside Chat | 50 minutes

How do you see the role of traditional market research methods evolve in the face of emerging technologies and data services? Is AI just another overhyped buzzword or will it completely revolutionise the way we work and replace human intelligence?

We invited four Consumer Insights Leaders to share their perspectives and answer questions from the audience.

Alexander Dedovets, Global Head of Insights at Cloetta
Cecilia Platzack, Head of Innovation at Ipsos Sweden
Jasmeet Sethi, Head of Global Insights at Ericsson ConsumerLab
Olof Gränström, Senior Client Advisor at Whispr Group


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