Accelerating Transformation

As the data and insights industry continues to transform faster than ever, what will the new ecosystem of insights, marketing and activation partners look like? How can corporate marketers harness news ways of doing research to receive actionable insights at the speed of business?

Watch the sessions below from Dynata Experience Summit 2022,
where the MR visionaries shared their perspectives on these critical questions.

Featured Keynote Sessions

Get inspired and empowered by two business visionaries who share their perspectives on how to achieve
growth – now and in the future

"Growth Is a Thinking Game" with Tiffani Bova

"Global Business 3.0"
with Kevin O’Leary

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Reinventing & Reinvesting
(35 min.)

In this fireside chat, we examine the common threads among those successful organisations that are emerging stronger in times of uncertainty. Our speakers discuss how these threads can be adopted to set the standard for our data and insights industry.

New Business Models in a New World: Strategies for Market Research Agencies
(40 min.)

Dig Insights CEO, Paul Gaudette, shares his experience in creating new strategies and practices that drive transformation. Paul looks at how MRAs can adapt and transform their business model to be more focused on value added service as business consultants.

Delivering Insights with Speed & Scale: The Challenge of Corporate Insights
(20 min.)

As data and insights become more critical to every decision, Adam Kaprove, Head of Insights at Travelers, talks about how corporate insights leaders can keep pace by adopting new ways of conducting research to deliver actionable insights at the speed of business.

From Insights to Action: The Evolution of Corporate Marketing
(25 min.)

How has the role of marketers evolved when it comes to understanding, engaging, activating, and measuring campaigns across the marketing lifecycle? Madison Reed’s CMO, Brad Lande-Shannon, shares his perspective on the role of marketers in driving growth.

Redefining Our Industry: Perspectives from Different Stakeholders
(30 min.)

Our panellists explore the new business models, innovative technologies and partner ecosystems needed to compete and win in the new world. Watch this dynamic discussion on the redefinition of our data and insights industry.

Dynata In Action
(30 min.)

In these three brief sessions, our experts highlight how Dynata is enabling clients to grow at every step of the marketing continuum, by uncovering insights, connecting data, activating campaigns, and measuring performance – all at speed.

Place Your Bets: Investing in the New Insights & Marketing Ecosystem
(40 min.)

As the insights industry redefines itself, what will the new ecosystem of insights, marketing and activation partners look like? This informative panel explores how and where we should be investing to ensure growth, opportunity and success.

The Growth Mandate: Innovation, Technology & Partnership
(35 min.)

With the reality of a cookie-less world drawing closer, our industry needs new technology and true partnership for holistic measurement across all media. Watch AdTech industry experts discuss the opportunities that can emerge from this new blueprint of collaboration.