Dynata Environmental, Social and Governance
(ESG) Statement: Current Practices

Dynata is a data-driven organization that is committed to corporate social responsibility and sustainability through the systematic application environmental, social and governance principles throughout the organization. These disciplines guide us in acting responsibly and with care both within our organization and in our external partnerships.

Privacy and Data Security
Dynata recognizes the importance of data privacy and data security and has established an Information Security program to manage Dynata’s data security requirements and constantly monitor developing trends and threats. The program is led by qualified information security professionals who closely collaborate with Dynata’s General Counsel to ensure that any contractual or regulatory data protection requirements are integrated into the information security program. The Information Security team leverages all the necessary departments and staff at Dynata to address security issues as they arise.

Dynata minimizes environmental impact through our partnership with Ecosia, a search engine that donates 100% of revenue profit on reforestation efforts. In nearly a year of partnering with Ecosia, we have planted 54,342 trees (as of June 1), achieving our yearly goal in less than 6 months. We plant a tree every time we hire a new employee, add a new client, or sign a deal over $10K. We also encourage employees to use the Ecosia search engine on their Dynata devices.

Dynata prioritizes the wellbeing of all our employees by our robust commitment to diversity and inclusion, career development, and opportunity to contribute meaningfully to their own communities. We are also committed to making an impact in the industry, from ensuring our panels are diverse to guiding our clients on how to be more inclusive in their research.

  • 55/45 M/F gender ratio in corporate
  • 30/70 M/F gender ratio in call center
  • 35/55 M/F gender ratio TOTAL
  • GIVE: (Get Involved, Engage, Volunteer) is a global community service initiative which allows employees to spend a half day volunteering in their local communities. From in-person efforts to virtual donation drives, we have donated over $1M to non-profit organizations over the last 11 years and have collectively volunteered over 50K hours. In 2022 employees have been given two additional half-days to volunteer throughout the year, expanding our reach and extending even further to those in need.
  • Employee Wellbeing initiatives focused on career, social, financial, community, and physical wellbeing
  • Data for Good framework that includes employee and member engagement, customer and media partnership and our own corporate flagship data to nurture Dynata as a purpose-driven organization
  • Collective Cause which offers a survey-driven method of donation –where brands and not-for-profit companies can invite their networks to donate by taking surveys
  • Women in Research (WIRe) corporate donor
  • Global employee recognition program which allows peers and leaders to celebrate individuals and teams
  • Commitment to supplier diversity through partnerships with subcontractors owned by women and historically underrepresented groups

Dynata has earned a strong reputation for committed value, integrity, and trustworthiness from customers worldwide because our employees meet the highest standards of ethical conduct, service, and product innovation. As such, we are committed to working hard to maintain those high standards, and to preserve the trust we have earned over the years. Adhering to our Business Code of Conduct provision and practicing our basic principles accomplishes these objectives. Dynata will introduce from time‐to‐time mandatory training initiatives geared to give additional education to employees on compulsory compliance standards such as Anti‐ Harassment, anti‐bribery, data protection, etc.

We believe in and trust our employees. We consider each employee to be a mature, responsible adult; and presume at the very outset that our employees share common goals, values and objectives. It is expected that everyone engage in the highest standards of business conduct so that the safety, security, and well‐being of all employees, customers, and neighboring communities, as well as company assets and property, can be protected.