The Ultimate Guide to Creative Testing

Research has shown the most important factor in advertising campaign success is the quality of creative, which contributes as much as 47% towards sales. While marketers have a variety of tools to improve in-flight performance, the most valuable approach comes from testing creative before launch.

Creative testing, also known as advertising pre-testing, is a data-driven approach that accurately predicts how an ad or campaign will perform in-market and uncovers actionable insight into how to optimize the creative to make the biggest impact.

Whether you’re testing a single ad or a full campaign, our creative testing solution can help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of an ad and bring clarity to how the advertising captures and holds attention, creates an emotional connection and supports the brand.

Download The Ultimate Guide to Creative Testing to understand:

  • The value of creative testing for short- and long-term advertising effectiveness

  • Our unique memory-based methodology, KPIs and moment-by-moment diagnostics

  • How to interpret the creative testing results through a case study example

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