Dynata understands the needs of a private equity firm throughout the entire investment lifecycle. We partner with large cap buyout firms to late-stage venture firms to provide customized market intelligence across top business categories such as CPG, retail, business services, technology, healthcare, and many more.

Comprehensive Data Solutions

As well-established and trusted global experts in research data and services, we provide comprehensive data solutions across markets as varied as B2B, B2C, healthcare and other hard-to-reach audiences to help you grow your investments into a profitable business, with better results.

  • Unparalleled Access to Your Target Market: Gain access to audiences that matter using our global, highly-profiled consumer, business professional and healthcare audiences to evaluate business strategies and predict outcomes while mitigating risk

  • Leverage Survey Research: Leverage customizable and proprietary research to identify and test new investment theses and sector themes

  • Track Brand Health: Establish and track brand health for portfolio companies enabling investors to identify shifts in trends, opportunities and risks to port-co brand reputation
  • How Do We Find Your Target Market

    We start by leveraging our own global database of opt-in members, which is recognized as the industry’s largest first-party database. We are then able to supplement our database with contacts from our extensive relationships with trusted 3rd party data sources, and dedicated solution teams to custom source populations on demand. These recruitment approaches are driven by a team of research practitioners with over two decades of experience in the consulting and private equity space.

    Often times the goals of the research, as is the case with our Executive Blend, (customized to deliver a sample set comprised of highly validated executives and a broader representative view of key mid-to-senior level business decision makers) necessitate a mixed mode approach where we are leveraging multiple approaches to deliver the most complete and representative dataset possible.

    Dynata is a Trusted Partner of Many Leading Investors and Consultancies

    Make research-powered assessments throughout
    the investment cycle.

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    Benefit from consultation with our experts for the best solution to meet your objectives

    • Team of Experts Expert team of relationship managers, researchers and programmers focused on supporting investment firms

    • Best Practices: Consulting on research best practices and guidance through survey programming and fielding

    • Global Support: Time-zone support across the globe including additional weekend and evening support

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