Measure and optimize cross-channel campaigns with data from actual consumers and business professionals

Dynata’s ADimension® platform helps you evaluate and optimize advertising effectiveness so you can gather greater insights into how a campaign is influencing consumers at all levels of the purchase funnel. By combining Dynata’s robust, accurate first-party data with dynamic dashboard reporting, you can understand the effectiveness of your advertising across all media channels, define the optimal media mix, and improve campaign performance.

ADimension allows you to:

  • Measure key brand metrics–Understand the impact of ad
    campaigns on exposed and control groups against KPIs
  • Evaluate exposure–Gain insight into ad and site exposure via our proprietary tagging and cookie technology
  • Identify exposure–Identify offline ad exposure through
    pre-control OTS groups recruited before a campaign starts
  • Compare Performance–Ability to compare performance across different publishers and creative messages
  • Integrated data sources–Connect cross-media data sources to achieve a more robust view of your campaign’s performance
  • Multi-channel analysis–Segment data by campaign, media type and in combinations: TV, desktop, mobile, out-of-home, print using our interactive dashboard