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Measurement in the Age of Streaming

With 91% of the world’s population actively streaming and 18% no longer watching linear TV, CTV and OTT technology have revolutionized the way people consume advertising. Although consumers have made the shift to online streaming, advertisers and publishers have a significant opportunity to think critically about the changing dynamics of measurement in the age of streaming and redefine the online advertising experience.

Consumer Perspectives of Advertising on Streaming Services

As the world’s largest first-party platform for insights, activation and measurement and a certified member of Roku and Google’s Measurement programs, we specialize in helping marketers understand the effectiveness of advertising across all media channels, including OTT. We partnered with Conviva, the intelligence cloud for streaming media, to uncover what motivates viewers to keep watching streaming advertising and how brands can tap into the key drivers that influence campaign performance.

  • Watch the webinar to discover key insights from our study that can help brands and agencies:

    Gain an understanding of the seven key drivers of viewer satisfaction with streaming ads

  • Discover the differentiated viewer segments that can drive increased consumption

  • Learn technical questions media buyers can ask publishers to ensure an optimal user experience

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