Connect to hard-to-reach healthcare professionals and patients

We understand the unique challenges of the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, and realize reaching physicians and healthcare professionals can be challenging.

With access to more than 1 million physicians globally, Dynata can provide solutions for physicians, nurses and non-physician healthcare targets. Our large consumer sample allows us to profile patients representing more than 300 medical conditions and ailments in over 45 countries.

Reach your target audience in three key areas:


  • Stringent respondent verification
  • Wide range of specialties
  • Exceptional list match capability including multi-mode recruitment solutions

Healthcare Professionals

  • Hospital executives, nurses, pharmacists, optometrists, administrators, caregivers, etc.
  • Leverage the largest B2B dataset to profile for healthcare professionals

Consumer Ailments

  • More than 300 ailments and strong global reach in over 45 countries
  • Creative solutions for hard-to-reach groups

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