Creating stronger consumer to brand relationships with 1st party data solutions

tiama hanson-drury
By: Tiama Hanson-Drury,
EVP Product Development
As the leading provider of first-party data and data services, everything we do is centered around providing quality, actionable insights at scale. Over the past year, we’ve focused on designing a comprehensive suite of custom, automated data solutions to create a seamless connection from consumer research to marketing activation.
To give you a glimpse at how we’ve already started addressing your top business challenges,  and for a sneak peek at what’s to come, we’re launching our first Quarterly Product Update!
Consumer Connections
The first point of contact begins with the consumer and our ability identify people across all marketing stages: pre-testing, planning, go-to-market, and so on. As researchers, we need access to reliable solutions to power audience expansion and increase reach with greater accuracy and efficiency.
Through a recent strategic partnership with TruSignal, we can now convert first-party research data into addressable lookalike audiences at scale. This means having the ability to seamlessly identify ideal prospects who are more likely to convert, driving increased ROI on your digital spend. Audiences identified by our solution are addressable across all digital channels and devices including email, display, video, mobile, and addressable television.
On-Demand Decisions
The ability to inform our instincts in real time is no longer a “nice to have”— It’s a necessity.
Many of the world’s largest market research agencies and brands are currently leveraging Samplify, our end-to-end platform for programmatic access to all of Dynata’s global audiences, as well as automation for bidding, feasibility, real-time Q&A, supply management, and data visualization.
Unlike traditional DIY services, our Do-It-Together approach means we’re accessible, as needed, to support all of your research goals. Samplify is available in over 40 markets and can benefit any member of an organization who wants to collect answers in moments rather than days.
As we learn how our clients are leveraging Samplify, our Product Development team is optimizing the platform and will release an updated version later this quarter. Harder to reach, niche audiences, like B2B, are also in our roadmap for 2019.
Automated Answers
From planning strategy through product development and go-to-market, automated solutions can sharpen marketing decisions to increase effectiveness, efficiency, and brand performance. Using AI, Machine Learning, and Meta data helps ensure that research results are reliable and optimally relevant to the target audience, while mining mounds of data for quick, effortless insights.
Dynata’s Ad & Audience automated toolkit enables agencies, advertisers, and publishers to test, measure, and improve the efficiency of ad distribution and targeting to optimize campaigns across the digital value chain. Connecting live campaign impressions to a first-party, opted-in, cross-device panel provides unique insight into all elements of a campaign.
Another exciting trend, Over the Top (OTT), continues to explode, and measurement must follow suit. It’s critical that we’re able to identify who has been exposed to advertisements via streaming platforms to conduct brand lift measurement studies. We make this simple by allowing you to conduct OTT measurement independently or alongside digital measurement.
We’ve also expanded our Linear TV Tracking capabilities through a strategic partnership with iSpot TV. We can now measure lift of TV spots in the linear feed while leveraging iSpot’s uniquely large TV viewership panel.
In becoming your go-to for all OTT and TV measurement, all that’s left is Addressable TV. Stay tuned for more details on our expansion into the Addressable TV measurement space this summer.
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