MakerSights Partners with Dynata
to Uncover Untapped Market Opportunity
for Global Athletic Apparel and Footwear Brand

MakerSights, a leading modern research partner for apparel, footwear and accessory brands, helps brands understand consumer​s​ needs and product preferences and synthesizes those insights into relevant actionable takeaways designed to inform product decisions. 

MakerSights used Dynata consumer audience data to help their global sportswear customer develop an industry-first innovation for a niche, underrepresented audience.

    • Niche Audience Reach: Partnering with Dynata, MakerSights reached its target niche audience – wheelchair athletes – who represent only 2% of the population.

    • Speed, Accuracy, Reliability:  Dynata sourced 100% of the required hyper-niche audience data in less than 10 days.

    • Real-World Impact: MakerSights’ customer designed a uniform to empower seated athletes with speed, confidence, and ultimate comfort and transformed a piece of clothing into a symbol of empowerment and inclusion.

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